Oliver Funeral Home is a family-owned and operated funeral home in
Winona, Mississippi.  We have served the people of the area with
dignity and respect for over eighty-five years, spanning four

We offer meaningful funeral services honoring and reflecting on the
memory of our friends and your loved ones.


We have recently combined the operations of Lee Funeral Home and
Oliver Funeral Home into one location.

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Oliver Funeral Home of Winona, Inc.
113 Liberty Street
Winona, Mississippi  38967

Phone 662-283-2121          Fax 662-283-3339
Oliver Funeral Home of Winona, Inc.
"Our family serving your family for four generations"

Member of

National Funeral Directors

Mississippi Funeral Directors
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November 24, 2020
Oliver Funeral Home - 113 Liberty Street - Winona, Mississippi

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October 12, 2020

Policy Change

Effective immediately, we will implement the following policy regarding Social Distancing:


A maximum of five (5) family members may be present
when arranging services for their loved one.

A maximum of twenty (20) family members and their invited guests may be present for a
visitation at any one time, in a closed facility (funeral home or location of choice), provided
social distancing guidelines are observed.  Mulitiple visitation times can be arranged
to accommodate more visitors, but the limit will remain at twenty (20) at any one time.  This
maximum will be reduced to ten (10) if social distancing guidelines are not observed.

A church/chapel service will be limited to twenty (20) people only, as long as
social distancing guidelines are observed.  Otherwise the maximum number is ten (10).

A graveside service will be unlimited in attendance,
but social distancing guidelines must be observed.  


We thank you for your cooperation during this time as we try
to keep those using our facilities as safe as possible.
COVID-19 Response

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