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Charles Edward Mims
Thelma Ruth Funderburk
Vera Mae Hopper Downs
Tom D. Wiltshire Sr.
Joan Doster Hawkins
Jesse A. "Sonny" Pyron
Bodean Tompkins
Catherine W. Jordan
Stephan Ray "Stevie" Parson
Louise Hogue Bailey
Rev. George Smith
Martha Ann Varner
Helen Black Hovas
Grace E. Voorhees
David Rodgers
Sandra Denise Lowry
Mary Lynn "Tutter" Alford Welch
John Ward Eades III
Dorothy Sue Matthews
James D. Allen
Barbara Bridges Vaughan
Sammy Hannah Sr.
Mary L. Thompson
Albert Evans Goodson
James Howard Oliver
Larry Wayne Tucker
William Albert "Willie" Swindle, Jr.
Kay Pearson Swindoll
Miriam Alexander Turbeville
George H. Jones Sr.
Vicky Tompkins Beardain
Jerry Hovas
Charlotte Mills Dunn
Mary Catherine Rosamond Reed
Linda Lou Bailey
Tommy Ware
Vincent Ignatius Saia, Sr.
Francine Barrentine McElroy
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