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Carolyn Sue Pullen
Mary Lee Erwin  Vaughn
Bobbye H. Blakely
Capt. Ernest Duke Sanders, USN (Ret.)
Hettie Louree "Missy" Lancaster Mullen
Malinda Sparkman
La Frank Bramlett
Iline Cutts McQuirter
Martha Rhine Holly
Harvey Gene Matthews
Judith Meece Devine
Lovell Pearson
Michael Benford Jacks
David O. Austin
Tommy Wayne Leonard
Carolyn Curtis Greenlee
Debra Kay Avent
Sue Bright Pyburn
Alice Evelyn Johnson King
Wayne Lindley
Ned Bryan Clark Jr.
James E. Stanford
Trey Campbell
Robert "Bob" Brockman
Pearly Downs Hood
John Roy Tollison
Mary Evelyn Putman
Christopher Lee Parker
Sandy Joblin
Opal Elaine Ellis
James Ledell Pinkston
Herbert Roy Hathcock
J. I. "Jake" Marchant
Louise Eades Noah
Barry Arbon Ellis
Willie Mae Cohea Milam
Charles E. Rothy
Freida Geane Thompson Page
James Henry "Jamie" Lindley
Effie Ree Ramage
Gwendolyn Henning Burton Richardson
Iva Dee Montague
Mitchell F. "Mickey" Rushing
David Pyron
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