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Lester James Malueg
Betty Ann Morrisey
Wayne Glen Gaines Jr.
Christine Mitchell Frisbee
Ottis Vaughn
Bonnie Louise Self Wetzel
Clayton Malone
William A. Corley
Warren Douglas Black
Aubrey Lee Boone
Donna Faye Johnson
Anna "Anne" Laura Barrentine Johnson
Jenkins B. Ruscoe Jr.
John W. "Billy" Howell
Mary Josie Rogers
Albert Clyde Dotson Jr.
John C. Autry
Ina Jo Mullen Maxie
Rev. Robert Magee
Jarvis Cummings
Jimmy Vance
Neil Stafford, Jr.
Marty D. Lollar
Betty Pullen Eskridge
Anita G. Magee
Cheryl Darlene Blaylock
Opal Stanford Ward
J. D. Bingham
Ruth P. Middleton
Noble Brown
James H. Powell, Jr.
Wilma Corley Tartt
John Shelby Leo Wohlwend
Barney Paul Henning
Ruby King
Henry Lee Crouch Sr.
Floyce Ferguson Stanton
Erna Lee Williams
Nobie McCain Ferguson
Gary Lynn Melton
James Allen Scallion
Jeff Owen January
Deborah Steen Smith
James Michael Johnson
D. Curtis Askew, D.D.
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