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Calvin Reese "Pete" Donahoo
Frances Nixon Woods
Margo Shelton Bond
Brenda Mann Beckwith
Jimmie Lyle "Jim" Flanagan
Joe L. Downs Jr.
Margaret Louise Lishman
Ruel Ivoe Nix
James A. Osborn
James Earle Hicks
Eugene Crawford "Gene" Neill
Lisa Hill Land
Gregory R.C. Rainey
Angela Richardson Keel
Virginia Neal Golding Paris
John Robert Boatman
William F. Lott
Matthew Glenn Minyard
Becky Weeks Pierce
Brianna 'Bri-bri' Reese Bell
Jacqueline Brewer Gaskin
Donna Prather
Stelloise Watts Eades Basinger
Michael Austin Taylor
Elizabeth Bennett
Donnie Armstrong Blaylock
Deanna Collins Kirk
James "Bobo"Tucker
Henry Stephen Milner
Shirley Diane Turbeville McAdams Wooley
Leler Mae Cook Cox
Toby Gant
Rev. Donald L. Sampley
Charles Edward Upchurch
Ollie Ruth Coleman
Russell Martin Trimble
Franklin Ray Usry
James Garland  Collins
Lady Carroll Boatman Yates Howard
Mary Agnes Alldread Parker
Rubin Odell "Dell" Lee
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