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Sarah "Sissy" McMinn Parker
Marcell "Bell" Peeples Bell
Ethel King Mitchell
Chris "Two Five" Myers
Robert H. "Bob" Coleman
Anita Ann Brown
Clyde Henry Jenkins
Milton Jones Whatley
Mary Lyn Hoover Steed
David Ray Utz
Augusta McCluskey Denley
Matthew Donnelly Smith
James L. "Jake" Harris
Alan Darrell Vinson
Sarah Browning Johnson
Linda Staten Herbert
Clara B. Ware
Calvin Reese "Pete" Donahoo
Richard Stuart Flournoy
Brenda Mann Beckwith
Margo Shelton Bond
Bobby B. High
James A. Osborn
Joe L. Downs Jr.
Bruce Gentry
Ruel Ivoe Nix
Lisa Hill Land
Marlee Marie Jones
Virginia Neal Golding Paris
Silas Dubard "Matt" Massey
Matthew Glenn Minyard
William Gregory Tompkins
Brianna 'Bri-bri' Reese Bell
Jason Matthew Threet
Jacqueline Brewer Gaskin
Diane M. Bailey
Michael Austin Taylor
Elder Jesse Clayton Phillips
Donnie Armstrong Blaylock
Raymond Woods Jr.
James "Bobo" Tucker
Kellie Kay McLaughlin
Henry Stephen Milner
Jean A. Jones
Toby Gant
Alvin Malone
Charles Edward Upchurch
Randy Henley
Ollie Ruth Coleman
Ernest Mitchell Braswell
Ronald Trent Lott
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