Funeral Assistance

The recently passed COVID federal relief package has provisions to assist with funeral expenses for those people affected by COVID-related deaths.

Please click on the link below to view details on this program.

If you feel that you qualify for this assistance, please contact us.  We will be glad to try to help you with any necessary documentation.


Beginning Monday, April 12, FEMA will begin accepting telephone applications for COVID-19 assistance.   The number to call is 844-684-6333, and will be available from 8 am until 8 pm, Central Time. Please have necessary documentation on hand before calling.


COVID-19 Policy Change

Effective immediately, we will implement the following policy regarding Social Distancing:

A maximum of five (5) family members may be present when arranging services for their loved one.

There is currently no maximum number of family members and their invited guests who may be present for a visitation at any one time, in a closed facility (funeral home or location of choice), provided social distancing guidelines are observed.  Multiple visitation times can be arranged to accommodate more visitors, if we feel there are too many people in the building at one time to be safe.

A church/chapel service will not be limited in attendance, as long as social distancing guidelines are observed.  

.A graveside service will be unlimited in attendance, but social distancing guidelines should be observed.