Joseph James Gee III

On July 8, 2022, the world lost an amazing man. Joseph James Gee III left this world at 3:00 a.m. taking the lights of Carroll County with him. Known best as The Stone Pony, Jody often introduced himself as his alter ego “Pete Smith from Midnight, TX” and was a living legend in his own time. 

He was born to Joseph James Gee II and Anne Strudwick Gee, on January 11, 1939. As he loved to remind us, he was his mama’s only baby boy and as a lifelong member of Grace Episcopal Church, lived his life at the foot of the cross.

Jody is survived by his beautiful and adoring wife of 59 years, Sue Parkinson Gee, and by his seven children: William Montgomery, Katharine Gee, Mary Solomon, Jophy Gee, Suzy Harris, Louisa McConnell, Burrell Gee and their spouses, and by fifteen grandchildren and five great grandchildren. He was preceded in spirit by his father, his mother, and sister, Anne Ross McGee.

A lifelong lover of adventure, Jody’s early capers often created mischief and entertained the local townsfolk. He loved observing and exploring nature, fishing, hunting, and riding horses, even as far as Greenwood. He instilled this love of nature in everyone he met, especially his children. His high school years led him to Sewanee, Tennessee, or the “Mountain” as locals affectionately call it, where he proudly claimed Sewanee Military Academy his alma mater in 1957. Enchanted by life on the Mountain, Jody continued his studies as a college student at the University of the South where he excelled as a football athlete and graduated with a degree in economics and forestry. Among notable organizations, he was a proud member of the Los Peones Social Club and brother of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity. Those six years of adventure and football on the Mountain provided him with lifelong friends, memories and many return trips. Under the coaching of his mentor and friend, Shirley Majors, he was an honored member of the undefeated 1958 Sewanee Tiger football team and then ascended to co-captain and Little All American of the 1960 season. Jody was later privileged with induction into the Football Hall of Fame in 2011.

Jody raised seven children of his own, and untold numbers of “adopted” kids. As a father and grandfather each weekend was another opportunity for shenanigans, often preceded by chores that “won’t take but just a minute”.  If you were hanging with the Gee’s activities such as chasing escaped cows or horses, mending fences, bush hogging fields, cutting and hauling wood or even fixing flat tires could be turned into a memorable event. 

Jody was an accomplished entrepreneur and self-starter, owning several successful businesses. Most of all, he loved family, friends and adventure. He didn’t just boisterously spin a tale, he held court! He danced, took a sip, laughed loud and hard and hollered better than any man in Mississippi. In his presence you would often hear “let me tell one more boring football story,” but if you knew him, a boring story was never possible. His love for others, magnetism and talent are unmatched. 

If you knew Jody Gee, you understand heaven just became a lot more fun. 

Visitation for Mr. Joseph James Gee III will be held at Hart House (next door to Grace Episcopal Church) at 204 East Washington Street in Carrollton, Mississippi on Friday July 15, 2022 from 4:30-6:30 p.m.

The graveside service for Mr. Joseph James Gee III will be held Saturday, July 16, 2022 at approximately 11:00 a.m. at Evergreen Cemetery in Carrollton, Mississippi following a private family service.

Donations may be made in memoriam of Joseph J. Gee III to:

  • University of the South Athletic Department, c/o John Shackleford, Athletic Director; Memo: In memory of Jody Gee. Address: 735 University Avenue, Sewanee, TN 37383.
  • West Institute for Cancer Research, Ovarian Cancer Fund, 7945 Wolf River Boulevard, Germantown, TN 38138.

17 thoughts on “Joseph James Gee III

  1. So sorry about Jody. He will be greatly missed. Keeping family and friends in my thoughts and prayers. ✝️🙏


  2. Sorry for this loss. Only knew him a very short time when living in the George Law Office. He made me laugh, and before I knew it, he had me running errands for him. I was delighted.

    Blessings to all


  3. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE JODY GEE!!! A wonderful substitute Daddy for my son, Sanfrid Shaifer!!! Many, Many Happy Memories with this Fantastic, Lovable Family!! Bigger than life, Jody lives on in the hearts of those who knew and loved him! Thankful to God for putting JodyGee in our lives!!


  4. Many happy memories at turkey ridge hunting club with Jody, Buddy, Red, Buckshot and many others of the old club


  5. How I wish I could recall all of the “Jody-isms” that I heard over the years… once he described a time when” I was so green, I didn’t know come here from sic’ em!” I always delighted when he called me a “show pony” when my best days of “prancing” were long gone.
    I will surely miss this larger than life man. Love to the family,
    Lucy Majors


  6. What a beautiful memory of the LEGEND – his stories will go down in history – God Bless Gee family and Jody


  7. To Sue and the Gee family I send my heart felt condolences. Jody was my roommate and teammate at Sewanee and I am so sad to learn of his passing.The mold is broken.He was one of a kind!


  8. I knew Jody at the picture frame factory in Greenwood and later worked for him in Tutwiler at another picture frame factory. We had some good times together. Lost touch with him but still remember the deer hunt in Alabama and the dove hunt in carrollton.


  9. I was fortunate enough to spend almost my entire life in the unforgettable company of this wonderful family led by the larger than life, Stone Pony himself, Jody Gee. I loved him like a father and he called me his “brown-haired child.” He was always there for me, in good times and bad and on more than one occasion, his love and advice got me right “back where I needed to be.” He believed in me, supported me and encouraged me in all of my endeavors through the years.
    Through it all and most of all we had fun!!! He was THE life of any party. The unending tales he shared of his lifetime of adventures are nothing short of legendary. I’m proud to have played a part in a few of the stories. I will forever treasure every memory and forever miss his booming and contagious laughter. Fly high and free, Jody. From now on, all my “high-stepping” is in your honor.


  10. Sue and all the Gee Family A toast to all of you. Jody was a good man and friend and will always be missed. Love. Jimmy and Dian Bradley


  11. There will never be another in a million years. He had to God’s favorite son as he was a friend to everyone!❤️


  12. Jody lived life large. I was privileged to have enjoyed many adventures throughout the South and at their home in Carrollton. Holiday parties and dinners were especially memorable, but none compared to the dove hunts with the house filled with weekend guests. So many memories. He was like a protective older brother.
    I am grateful for having been in Jody’s world


  13. So sorry to hear about Jody he was a awesome man .When I was young I would fish he lakes . He was one of a kind and I know he will be missed.


  14. There are not enough words to begin to explain the man that Jody was. I’ve never met anyone who was so full of life and fun. HIs presence was felt the moment he entered a room, and how empty that same room could feel after he left! Sue and Jody have been close to my heart a long, long time. I believe Heaven is a beautiful place, but now I know it is even more fabulous. The brightest light may have gone out in Carrollton, MS, but another even brighter light has come on in Heaven. Rest in perfect peace Jody…until I see you again. All my love to my aunt Sue and her beautiful family.


  15. I will be thinking of all of you today. Jody was a great mentor for me. He was a very loyal friend. He was a great leader—not only in football, but in life. He was one of the most interesting people that I have ever known. My daddy said of Jody, “Every team needs a Jody Gee. If nothing’s going, Jody will get something going.”
    His passing is a great loss to all of us. God bless all of you. I send my love to all the family. Larry Majors


  16. So many great memories growing up knowing Jody and the wonderful Gee family. Especially the time Jody took my brother and I when we were very young to his hunting club to spend the night and go deer hunting. Will never forget that and all of the special times our families held fellowship together in Leland and the delta. Sending thoughts and prayers to the entire Gee family. Love to all of you!


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